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Why we exist

We help close the gap between intention and impact with strategic consulting, thoughtful research and practical resources for businesses.

Founded by Simon Smallchua, Rebecca Smallchua & Gillian Pereira in 2021, the idea for The Business Pickle came through a conversation about the potential for business to be a force for good, to truly shift the needle on the biggest social and environmental issues of our time.

We believe that companies have a heart that lives in the people who work in them. They have a conscience, care and want to make a positive difference in the world.

Our approach

Commercial research

Our research focuses on business realities, translates academic findings into practical actions, and features global perspectives, businesses, trends, and case studies.

Action oriented

This is not an academic exercise: our services are designed to help business leaders and teams to take informed action.

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Boutique advisory

We are a dynamic team that works to understand your business and team, whether you need a once-off workshop or a roadmap for change.

How we can help

We’ve found most leaders want to improve their impact: they want to move faster, but do it with authenticity and deliver genuine impact. Change can be hard, as navigating business realities and improving impact is complex. We take a tailored approach to meet you where you're at, here's some ways we can help.

Roadmap for change

For leaders wondering where to focus their impact efforts and what will make a difference. We help identify the key areas of impact to focus on in the short, medium & long term. 

We combine global insights with data from within your business and collaboratively develop an impact roadmap. We interview your leaders, survey your wider team and run workshops to uncover the areas that will have short and long term impact and importantly assess their effort, complexity and risk.

Our roadmap for change will give organisational clarity and confidence, while also connecting you to the right resources to fast-track your change.

Impact area deep dive

For businesses tackling an important area and seek deeper understanding, insight, new ideas and clarity on what to do next.

We conduct in-depth research on your impact area to equip your team with expert insights, trends, data, case studies, best practice and clear actions & toolkits to fast-tracker change - taking your impact to the next level.

Our concise, commercially minded research is presented in engaging ways that will help people rethink, develop new ideas and spark change.

Curated learning series

For organisations seeking to raise understanding across their team to help navigate the journey of improved business impact.

Engage your people through live learning sessions, in-depth feature reports, podcast episodes, videos, events, and bite-sized content.

We curate a selection of content to guide you on how to make progress on those sticky problems for your business.

Help your team rethink challenging topics, validate their ideas and build momentum around impact areas that will move your organisation forward.

Case study: environmental strategy with leading digital agency Portable

The Business Pickle helped digital agency Portable to create its first ever environmental sustainability strategy and roadmap of activities for the next 3 years.


Are you curious about initiatives to improve diversity and inclusion? Overwhelmed by climate change? How to approach corporate donating? Already have ideas and initiatives in place but need a framework to organize and measure impact?

We help you understand these issues and more through a collaborative 3 step approach.

1. Staff and stakeholder surveys, interviews

Uncover top priorities, prevailing beliefs, issues, barriers and ideas from your staff and key stakeholders to inform your sustainability strategy.

2. Landscape review and benchmarking

Understand where your business currently sits in the bigger picture of your industry. Get insights into sustainability/ESG initiatives,  case studies, best practices, benchmarks and frameworks relevant to your sector.

3. Strategic planning

Develop a clear roadmap of practical, measurable activities. Set out priorities and targets, within a relevant sustainability framework. Gain tools to communicate your goals and progress internally and externally.

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The team

Simon Smallchua

Director - Strategy

Becky Smallchua


Sarah O'Terra

Content & Partnerships

Rachel Lai

Research Coordinator

Organisations we've interviewed or collaborated with


What kind of businesses do you work with?

We work with people who genuinely want to make a difference in the world through their business. We span any industry, whether it's service based or product based. Every business has its own specific impacts and challenges. We figure out where a business sits within the broader landscape of its industry, and tailor our services based on that information. Any sized business is good for us.

How much do your services cost?

We run a lean, flexible team, and can alter our services to suit your budget. Our goal is to help you generate as much good as possible with the money you have to spend. We do good quality work without the hefty industry standard price tag, because we care a lot about what we do. We want to do as much of it as we can.

Can you help my business become a B Corp?

We’re not a certified B Corp consultant, but if you’re in the process of applying to become a B Corp, working with us will likely help. Making a sustainability plan and crafting your business’s theory of change will definitely improve your B Corp score. We’ve personally been through the certification process for our sister business (Harvey).

What is a sustainability plan?

A sustainability plan is a roadmap for businesses that want to have a more positive impact on the planet. They outline the goals a business wants to achieve, and a clear set of measurable actions to get there. Many businesses use ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) as a structure for reporting on their sustainability strategy, activities and goals. We can help businesses find the best framework for their own sustainability plan.

Does my business need to qualify for your services?

We’re here to help businesses where they’re at. We don’t expect a whole lot of pre-existing structure or thinking around sustainability, if any. All that’s required is an openness to new ideas and a willingness to take action once everybody’s feeling comfortable. We’ve worked with businesses at the very start of their journey, to certified B Corps wanting to do more.

Now what?

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