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We caught up with The Hidden Why to talk about knowing where to start making positive change and balancing impact with profit.

Practice makes imperfect with The Hidden Why

April 6, 2023
June 29, 2023
Practice makes imperfect with The Hidden Why

Our co-founder Gill was a guest on Leigh Martinuzzi’s The Hidden Why, a podcast on how to live with passion and purpose.

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Our co-founder Gill was a guest on Leigh Martinuzzi’s The Hidden Why, a podcast on how to live with passion and purpose. 

With many years experience in big business, Leigh brought a healthy dose of scepticism to corporate sustainability goals, which made for an interesting discussion! They talked about corporate giving, long term relationships with nonprofits compared to once off donations, and practical changes for good. 

Most corporations exist to make money. Are they really capable of doing good? 

Though it’s true businesses need to meet their bottom line, there’s an important shift happening. Shareholders and customers, particularly young people, are demanding more from businesses in terms of the impact they're having in the world.

Should businesses be more thoughtful in the way they give? 

When it comes to making successful positive change, context is key. It depends on where the business is at. The goal is to find impact opportunities that genuinely connect to what they’re doing. Building a long term relationship with a nonprofit is really where you can drive change, because every donation is going towards a focussed goal.

How can a business practically implement helpful changes?

Businesses don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to impact. They can engage with a bunch of really helpful frameworks and certification programs that are already in place. Finding that real connection between what a business stands for and the impact they want to make is key to sparking meaningful change. 

We hope you enjoy this insightful chat. Take a listen here and let us know what you think.

Using business as a force for good can be quite the pickle. While you want to balance profit with purpose, real-world challenges get in the way. We don’t have all the answers at The Business Pickle, but we sure have fun seeking them out.

No lectures or silver bullets. Just lessons learned, research uncovered, and experiences shared by some of the world’s brightest voices on making an impact through business.

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